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Top 5 tips / lessons that spring to mind

As we approach the first year of trading I thought I'd share a few things.

Firstly, I have no idea where the time goes, a lot has happened in a year, both in the business and personally. It has been a learning curve, it has been successful, I have had anxiety, thought why have I done this, and then come out the other side, and when doing that realised, we have achieved an awful lot in a very short space of time.

Reminding myself in ice cream land, you are not really trading a full year, all of what we have done has actually been achieved in just a few months!

Here are my top five tips / that spring to mind; 

1. Check power costs before committing to an event 

2. Avoid big exhibitions in your first few years as they can be costly

3. Don't under estimate how much cleaning is involved, I am a perfectionist so if I start a job can't leave it

4. Finance is the job I procrastinate on, but it is such a crucial element, don't put it off like I do!

5. Get your accounts / basic filing system, business bank account in place from the out set to avoid more work in the long run

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