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Just Entrepreneurs: No more knickerbocker glory, there's a Coolercab in town!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Back in September 2018 the good people of Just Entrepreneurs interviewed us to find out more about our brand.

Here's some snippets;

‘We worked hard to create an exciting menu with a point of difference, using premium products that you don't get from a traditional ice cream van. From high quality Vegan waffle cones, gluten free ice cream mix to a delicious berry coulis as an alternative to strawberry sauce. Our Signature sundaes range was designed to cater for all tastes, whether your a ‘Chocoholic’ or a ‘Cheesecake’ fan, there's something for everyone.’ Clare Cooper - Co Founder

‘We want customers to have an enjoyable experience, we want them to love the cab and product as much as we do. Our aim is to create a fun, vibrate brand that keeps customer experience at the heart.’ Asha Phillips - Co Founder 

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